These Are The Places To Visit Post-Covid!


In light of COVID-19, many people had to cancel travel plans they were excited for – be it a weekend getaway or the trip of a lifetime.

Borders are closed, flights schedules have been slashed, and many of us are postponing the trips we’d been looking forward to this year.

Since all we can do right now is plan our future vacations, we’ve asked our favorite travel blogger Romi Drach‏, and the owner of the successful travel blog ‘Romi Travel’, to recommend the best places to visit after this pandemic.

Hungary – Budapest

“Budapest is such a beautiful city. It has excellent food, a lot of interesting attractions, and it’s actually my favorite city in Europe. You can wander around its alleys and along the river for hours without feeling tired”, she says. “If you are looking for an urban vacation with an amazing vibe and great affordable food, Budapest is the place to go!”

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Spain – Barcelona

“Barcelona is so fun! I love to stroll through its alleys, street shops, boutique and cafes. I recommend going to one of the rooftop bars in the city, from there you can see the most beautiful view. The bars have a selection of amazing drinks and food. Order a hot sangria and enjoy the sunset. I Assure you that this will be an experience you won’t forget.”

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Greece – Crete

“Greece is my favorite place for a summer vacation. They have stunning views, clear turquoise beaches, amazing food and breathtaking hotels.” “My favorite island is Crete. I visited there four times, and each time I discovered new places. It is an island that is never boring, it has magical nature, lovely people, amazing beaches and a feeling of true freedom.”

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Italy – Dolomites

“Italy is one of my favorite countries. The food, the view, the people, the language.” If you’re looking for a spa vacation, Romi says Dolomites is where you should be headed. “For those looking for a place to relax I recommend the ‘Alpenpalace’. It’s a five star hotel with heated pools and really good food. Also you could find ski resorts nearby, snow sleds, picturesque towns, good food and mostly peace and quiet.”

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