How to Look More Attractive on Your Social Media


In the last decade, social media and dating websites have changed the way users form and maintain romantic relationships.

And if we’re honest, social media has taken over our love lives completely.

If you wish to use these platforms to find your next great love, follow these tips to help with your social media presence.

Share Your Interests and Passions

This could be anything — from tennis, cooking, gardening, art, or animals. Aligning photos with interests will also make it easier for others to start a conversation with you.

Use High-Quality Visuals Only

Most of the users scroll past an immense amount of content. You get people’s attention by the stylish photos and visual designs that trap them with bold color choices, minimalist designs, and sleek shapes. That’s why it’s important that you care a lot for what imagery you choose for your posts.

Who Can Resist a Smile?

If you’re looking at the camera in a picture, you’re considered most attractive when you’re smiling. If you’re not looking at the lens, smiling (or not) doesn’t make a lot of difference. So remember, eye contact = smile, but what kind of smile looks best? People flashing a smile showing some teeth are considered more likable and influential than people with a tight-lipped smile.

Pose Correctly

If you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, or not exactly sure how to pose, try posing in front of a mirror first. Yeah, it might sound silly, but it’s important you’ll know your best angles and what pose brings out the best in you. That way, when you’ll pose for your social media posts, you’ll look more relaxed, natural, approachable and therefore, more attractive.

Think Before You Post!

Your profile is the image you present to the world. What is it saying about you? Be mindful of what you post and what you’re tagged in because you will be judged by it. Remove anything that could earmark you as undateable. Shape your image to present yourself truthfully, but in your best light. Share content that is insightful and funny, and post pictures that illustrate your interests and personality.

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