Signs Which Say ‘It’s Time to Break-Up’


Sometimes, it's really easy to know that you and your partner should break up. But sometimes, a relationship comes to an end quietly. And it can be difficult to notice that it's time to call it quits.

While all relationships have their ups and downs, there are times when calling it quits is for the best. Here are some signs that show that it’s time to break up with your significant other.

You’re Not Getting What You Want

A healthy relationship is one when your needs are being met, where there is safety to be vulnerable and where you choose each other and you continually choose to work on the relationship. When you spend more time asking for what you need instead of getting it and you see no changes, it’s time to go.

You’re Scared To Express Yourself

You should always feel like you can talk about anything with your partner. If your partner shows verbal aggression that makes you feel intimidated or humiliated when you initiate difficult conversations, it’s a possible sign of emotional abuse. You need to know that needs to be addressed, and if all else fails, terminate the re;lationship.

You’re Not Yourself

One of the best ways to figure out if your relationship is working isn’t to look at your partner, but to look at yourself. Are you behaving like your normal self? Or are you acting crazy and emotional? Are you scared of what you say around your partner? In the end, the greatest relationships are where you can be your true self. If you’re worried about how you act around your partner, then you’re probably not going to be happy in the long run.

Your Friends and Family Don’t Support Your Relationship

If you like your partner and no one else does, then maybe it’s time for you to take a step back and consider why this is the case. Outside perspectives can give you a lot of insight when you’re too close to the situation. There’s generally a good reason why your loved ones don’t like the person you’re with. After all, their main intentions are to look after you, and you might be blinded by love. So, if your friends and family are warning you about your relationship, then that’s a giant red flag.

You Don’t Like Your Partner

Believe it or not, you can actually be in love with a person you don’t like. If that’s the case, you may get by day to day, but it will be nearly impossible to make it through difficult times together. All couples have disagreements, but people in healthy, loving relationships keep the mindset that “this is my friend, and I’m going to get through this with this person”. Try to listen to the logical part of your brain, instead of submitting to the euphoric chemical reactions that love can cause.

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