I Am Grace Brown and Let’s Just Be Honest


Name: Grace Brown

Occupation: so many options and desires it’s hard to decide and move forward with one thing. I’m really into music, fashion, Original I know… I love life and sometimes I don’t. Who does love it all the time?

 Most of all, I like to share what I think about anything because at the end there is always at least one person who feels like you do, and sharing is caring so here we go. 

I Didn’t beg anyone to come to this world, didn’t knock on any door saying choose me, choose me. All I probably wanted was to be a dog… or a whale… but that is about it. Who does ask for anything? you get what you get and you don’t get upset, you just got to keep on keeping on.

You’re born, you’re loved, you’re cute, you grow, you’re screwed, you don’t know what to do. I mean come on mother, grandmother, some of this shit you had easier.

Like working and getting a job, that was so obvious to you. I bet you 10,000 dollars your kids and grandkids would much rather have a simpler world. Less options, less ambitions. Getting a house… not getting frustrated over the saying: “what can we do that’s life” but actually accepting it. Most of the people who don’t have BIG dreams, they work, they eat, they sleep, they have a family, go on vacation every now and then, and that’s it. Just like you did, but our jobs and our hard work are simply inadequate and unsatisfactory.

And those of us with these BIG dreams (let’s call them goals, my mother hates it when I say dreams) … “oh honey” that’s what I have to say.

I guess my point is that over the years life got so great, too great! Life got bigger than life! And that, for some of us, is just too overwhelming. We want so much, to touch everything, and nothing ordinary seems good enough or satisfying.

 But here is the deal, the confusion we sometimes find ourselves in, is nothing but NORMAL. The problem is, it makes us feel alone at times.

So, here we are, well at least here I am, 26 years old girl? Woman? Lady? With so many goals, not dreams. Trying to live up to the expectations that I have from myself and those I think my environment has for me. And oh my god it’s hard. Sometimes it’s ok, sometimes it’s even awesome! this life thing. You fall in love, you drink some, smoke some, break hearts, get yours broken, have many friends, then a little less, only the ones who care… you dance, you laugh, you make your parents proud, you have birthdays!! Birthdays are awesome! All of these experiences and then THE DAY comes, one too many birthdays and you are an ADULT! If you thought the first part of life was hard, mean kids, mean teachers, good teachers, fighting with your parents… get ready to get proportions darling. Welcome to ADULTHOOD! It’s so great here, to DIE for! 😊

Yours truly,

Grace Brown.

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