Healthy Habits of Happy Couples!


Habits can have a powerful impact in your relationship. You can either create positive habits or negative habits, and once you start practicing them, they will eventually become an act that is unconscious.

When it comes to having a happy relationship, there are certain habits that can have a powerful and positive impact. You will need to make an effort every single day to practice them so they become second nature to you. It takes about 21 days to establish a habit, whether it’s positive or negative.

Here are 5 habits happy, healthy couples do. Integrate each of these habits in your relationship and start reconnecting with your partner!

Express Your Needs

Your partner is not a mind reader. They see the world differently; have different expectations, and different experiences. It’s your job to communicate your thoughts, needs, and feelings. Healthy couples stay away from assumptions. Instead, they make it a habit to ask for what they need and make space for their partner’s needs. The happiest couples openly talk about their desires and respect and honor their differences.

Connect Daily

Couples who are in it for the long run find little ways to stay physically and emotionally connected, even on the busy days. That might mean going in for a nice, long hug, listening attentively while your partner is venting or offering words of affirmation and encouragement. Emotional connection is the glue in our relationships. Over time, these small interactions build into a deep sense of trust and intimacy that keep couples happy and together.

Balance “Me Time” and “We Time”

Couples who are in it for the long run value and appreciate their individual independence but aren’t afraid to lean on each other for support, which is a sign of emotional maturity. They are able to balance separateness and togetherness. They can enjoy feeling close to each other but are also able to feel satisfied and fulfilled in the separate dimensions of their lives.


Take the time to snuggle before starting your day and before going to bed. This can be as simple as holding each other in bed for a few minutes before starting the day. Did you know that physical touch releases a hormone called Oxytocin? The more you experience physical touch with your partner, your oxytocin level increases. After a long day of work, take time before going to bed and cuddle!

Fight Fairly

Every couple disagrees, argues, and runs into challenges. Sometimes this happens more often than we want it to. But a relationship that has regular disagreements is not necessarily an unhealthy one. It’s how challenges are handled that determines the health of the relationship. Fighting fair means that you stay away from criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling. Healthy couples understand these self-protecting impulses, but rarely engage with them.

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