How to Dress for Your Body Type!


How we dress up and present ourselves may not be things that we are obliged to observe and put effort on every day, but these certainly are things that make a huge difference in how we perform in life, how we perceive ourselves, and how others perceive us.

Dressing up is an efficient way of self-expression. With this, we gain confidence that radiates and makes us feel good about ourselves. This is why choosing the right clothes may be a great thing to practice if you want to level up in life.

Before we doll up, we should first distinguish what kind of body type we have: pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, apple-shaped, or straight body type.

Dressing according to our shape will complement our fit and help flaunt our curves!

Pear-Shaped Body

The goal is simply to emphasize the upper body and play down with the bottom half. The perfect outfits for pear-shaped ladies are tops that are more flashy or appealing, vibrant than the bottom (this will create an illusion of a more proportional torso and bottom).

Hourglass-Shaped Body

Women with this body type can wear almost anything and make it look good, but bodycon dresses are best to display perfect curves.

Apple-Shaped Body

Layering can be the go-to outfit for women with this body type. Long tops, high-waist pants and long cardigans can create the illusion of a longer and slimmer torso. Tops that hang above the hips can also work well when worn with high-waist pants.

Straight Body

The clothes that you wear will construct your curves for you. To dress with this body type, you can either keep the volume on your torso or down your bottom. Never keep the top and bottom uniformly flowy or fitted.

And just a friendly reminder – no matter what’s your body type, no matter how much you weigh, You are beautiful! And if it makes you happy and it makes you shine – WEAR IT!

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