DIY Professional Pedicure From Home!


If your toes have seen better days, but you can't get to the nail salon in the foreseeable future, you don't have to keep socks on 24/7 or avoid stylish sandals. As long as you have a handful of tools, it's relatively easy to DIY a pedicure at home.

To get started on that pedicure, follow this easy step-by-step guide and you can achieve a long-lasting, professional pedi!

DIY Pedicure Step #1: Remove Old Nail Polish

Remove any lingering polish with a cotton round and nail-polish remover. Non-acetone is gentler, but acetone will help get any stubborn polish off more easily. If you don’t have any cotton rounds, you can use a paper towel, but this material isn’t as abrasive, so removal will require a bit more elbow grease.

DIY Pedicure Step #2: Soak Your Feet

Whether you have a foot basin or a deep plastic wash bin around the house, anything works that’s deep enough to hold water while your feet are inside. You can soak your feet in water or add things as you like. It’s an easy and less expensive way to relax the muscles in your feet and ankles. This is the relaxing step of the process where you should allow yourself to just chill while your feet soak, soften up, and relax.

DIY Pedicure Step #3: Get Rid of Dead Skin

Your toenail cuticles deserve the same care as your fingernails. In fact, maybe even“extra attention, so we shouldn’t neglect the cuticles down there. You should always maintain the cuticles on your fingers and toes by pushing them back and using oils to keep them hydrated.

DIY Pedicure Step #4: File and Shape Your Nails

For starters, clip and shape the toenails. While clipping, be mindful of the length that you desire versus the healthy length. Nails should be cut bi-weekly and leave just a little bit of white a the tip and cut them straight across, filling the contour of the nails.

DIY Pedicure Step #5: Apply Cuticle Oil

Apply cuticle oil to the skin around your nails. It will help prevent damage to the cuticle and nail, plus, it will help your pedicure last longer.

DIY Pedicure Step #6: Moisturize

Like our hands, having well moisturized and hydrated feet is what is all boils down to. Not only do your feet look good when they’re moisturized, but it also keeps your skin from being dry and causing pain to do the simple things like walk.

DIY Pedicure Step #7: Prep Your Toes

Use a cotton pad to remove any excess oily residue—this helps polish last longer. Toe separators are most convenient, but there’s a work around if you don’t have any: Simply grab a piece of paper towel and twist it into a rope, weaving it through your toes.

DIY Pedicure Step #8: Apply Your Polish

Grab your favorite polish and get to painting. You just want to make sure before you apply a base coat to wipe over your toe nail with alcohol to remove any excess oils, to help with longevity. Whether you try a playful bright color or keep it simple with white, your toes will thank you.

DIY Pedicure Step #9: Finish With a Quick-Drying Top Coat

Another crucial step to make polish last: the top coat. A thin layer of top coat helps seal everything in and prevents premature chipping. Let dry—do a touch test at 10 to 15 minutes, though 20 to 30 minutes is ideal, particularly if you’re putting socks or shoes on.

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