Dating Tips: COVID-19 Edition


To put it simply, dating is hell. It’s only complicated by apps and today’s “there’s always something better” mentality. Throw in a pandemic and, suddenly, it all seems entirely impossible.

Dating no longer looks like sitting down to dinner at a restaurant, going to the movies or coming over for a drink. And the thing is, we can’t really know when it’ll go back to the way it was.

In an effort to continue pursuing romantic interests amidst COVID-19, we have a few tips on getting through this without biting your partner’s head off.

Move at Your Own Pace

You deserve a person who respects and accommodates your boundaries. Even for simple things like exchanging phone numbers or talking over video calls. Go with what makes you feel comfortable in that moment, and the person who is right for you will move in harmony with you. Rushing into matters of the heart can have disastrous consequences.

Be Creative and Have Fun

Just because you have to stay home and have dates over Zoom it does not mean you should become laid back. It is not enough to just have coffee or dinner dates. During these times, it’s time to take initiative and be creative and resourceful with your dating life. Plan to watch a movie on a shared screen, play online games together, depending on your interest and choice in entertainment. There’s so many fun things to do once you get down to it.

And most importantly…

Don’t Force Yourself

If dating apps don’t fit into your life right now, don’t force it. Just take some time off, finding a partner isn’t some sort of assignment you have to complete right now. Don’t hold yourself to this idea just because you technically, on paper, have more time, you should focus more of your energy on finding a mate. If you need a break, take it. It’ll always be right there when you’re ready again.

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