The Best Plants for Your Apartment!


From cleaner air to creative decor – there are so many benefits of having indoor plants around your house.

However, it can be hard to know which varieties of plants are suitable for indoor conditions plus how to properly care for them.

Check out this short list of indoor plants that will thrive within four walls, and how you can keep them around (and thriving) for as long as possible.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

This shrub boasts a long, elegant stem and branches with broad, leathery leaves. It’s best to place under a skylight or next to a window. In other words, it needs as much sun as possible. Water once a week, or more if it’s winter and the air in your home is dry.

Spider Plant

Plants that give off “instant jungle vibes,” like the spider plant, are having a serious moment right now and they’re super easy to care for. These plants need bright light, but no direct sun, so they’re perfect to put in a room with big windows. Just keep it away from the windowsill.

Monstera Deliciosa

These trendy plants are the best not just because of their eye-catching look, but because once you get them going, they’re easy to grow. Especially during the warmer season, expect to see a new leaf weekly. Plus, you can easily propagate them (a.k.a. split off a leaf with a node and give it to a friend to grow their own). Best part: You only need to water a monstera deliciosa every one to two weeks.

Snake Plant

The snake plant has an impressive list of nicknames, including “Viper’s Bowstring hemp”, “Saint George’s Sword” and “Mother-in-law’s tongue”. This hardy house plant is a great option for new plant parents, as it doesn’t need much watering and will tolerate neglect easily. It also has a magic power: releasing oxygen at night, which is said to help you drift off to sleep.

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