5 Easy steps to keep a Breezy face


Hello to all our Socialadies! Summer is hotter than ever as we all know and feel!
We are here to help! you’re sweating all-day, all-night cause nights just don’t get cooler anymore and your face can’t take this! 
Trust me, this humidity that attacks us these days has a soul, yes, she does. She has a soul, mind, call it whatever you want but it’s like she knows, you know? And her mission is to destroy our good looks. Frankly, the bitch is winning… but not for long. 
 Be at ease girls, I am here for you with all the GREATEST tips for the best facial skin care routine, together we will get through the summer of 2021.
For all the girl who, like me, didn’t discover lotion until they were almost 25, facial soap 'til they were 20… I hear you! I wish I could blame my mother for this one… but, she always nagged me about cleaning my face, every day, always with 3 different products and I never knew what comes before what. I would clean my face only when she’s home, guiding me through it. 
I probably sound not too girly right now, “this girl is gonna tell me how to clean my face?!”  Please know that make up is my thing. In makeup I rock! But hey, if you love makeup, you better know how to clean it off your face or it will forever stay!  Always clean your face (if not for you then for my mother). but especially in those hot summer days, no reason to suffer from itchy or oily skin. 
So, my ladies, first, we would like to keep our skin CLEAN!

What does it mean? 
Five things you do every morning and every night right before getting into your CLEAN bed (dirty sheets give you zits). 
1.   Weather you wear makeup or not I recommend on starting your cleaning routine with coconut oil. To those of you who wear makeup, coconut oil is the best remover. Nothing cleans my face from make up like coconut oil, the important thing is to make sure you really get it all out. Make up sticks to your face.
 To those of you who don’t usually wear makeup, I'd still recommend coconut oil just because it's so good for your skin, it contains vitamin E which is great for you especially if you have dry skin.
 To those of you who have oily skin problem, I would recommend avoiding any oils and stick to lotions. 
2.   After the first step of cleaning your face from whatever is on it, you may move forward to step two - Facial soap.
 Clean your face with soap that fits your type of skin, whether you have dry or oily skin, make sure you clean good in
 five main areas: 
·        The line between your forehead and your hair
·        Your nose sides 
·        Your neck 
·        Behind your ears 
·        The space between your mouth and  your nose 
3.   Now that you have scrubbed your face, it might feel a little dry, but before you rush to apply lotion on, let’s go through one last step!
 Micellar cleansing water! Its just another cleansing step to make sure all the dirt and yucky stuff come off. You take a piece of cotton and apply micellar water on, clean your face like you are taking off makeup until the cotton comes out clean.  
4.   After using the micellar cleansing water, your face will feel dry, and now it's time for lotion! Dry skin makes us wrinkle. That’s why we use lotion to keep the skin moisturized and breathing. Preferably a lotion with some protection from the sun. 
5.   Last but not least! Drink water and stay out of the sun!  This is the best thing you could do for your skin, especially for your face! 
It’s a HOT summer ladies, but we will get through it! 

Love, Greace Brown 

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